Earthquake resistant substructure

It has basic structure made by solid technology and reliable track record, which promise you to have safe, reliable and comfortable life.

Double reinforcing bar

The main wall and floor have double rebars inside of the concrete are adopted to keep durability.

Note: Some parts of bar are single bar.

Closed hoop structure

The Skeleton-pillar uses the chain hoop which is made by weld joint at factory. It makes the skeleton-pillars fracture toughness and strong.

Tile wall of exterior

It is not only look high-class but also corrosion-inhibiting and resistance to rain and wind.

Raised floor with energy saving

We install the raised floor which keeps the space between the concrete and floor to avoid the heat and cold of the concrete directly conducting to the floor.

Multi-layered glass “Double layered glass specifications”

Multi-layered glass increases thermal insulation and keeps comfortable temperature inside room also it has effect not to occur condensation that appears due to the differences in indoor and outdoor temperature.

Anti-quake frame

There is a small space between door and the door flame which prevents from the entrapment caused by earthquake.

Anti-slip mat “Non-slip mat”

It has great function which are grippy, water resistance and insulation. It is used for balcony and common stairs.

Anti-quake latch

There is a lock system which stops the contents dropping from hanging cupboard when earthquake hits.